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Staff and Classes 2019 - 2020

This session 2019-2020 we have 8 classes in school.

P1A  Miss Brady

P1B  Mrs D Stewart and Mr WeirSee the source image

P2 Miss Nugent

P3 Miss Etchells

P3/4 Mrs Flood

P4/5 Ms Lyttle

P5/6 Miss Mclean

P7 Mr Ferrie

Non Contact Time covered by Mr Weir & Senior Leadership Team

NQT Days covered by Mrs Keegan and Mrs Steele

Ms Connor supports as a teacher 2 mornings per week

Supporting Learners Team:  Mrs Millar and Miss Speirs

Senior Leadership Team: Mrs Dashwood (Acting Head Teacher), Mrs Nicoll (Depute Head Teacher), Mrs Keegan (Principal Teacher Supporting Learners) and Mr Sturrock (Acting Principal Teacher)

Senior Learning and Care Practitioner: Miss Paley

Learning and Care Assistants: Mrs English, Mrs Hanlon, Mrs Singh, Mrs Rooney, Miss Davidson

PEYSAs: Mrs Coulson, Miss Lamond and Mrs Baskerville

Admin Officer: Mrs Lowden

School and Family Development Worker: Miss Forbes

Peripatetic Music: Miss Bird (Brass) and Miss McFadyen (strings)