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#Dundee Picture Book Awards 2019.

14 primary schools, each of which will link up with one of Dundee's 14 public libraries, are to take part in the 2019 Dundee Picture Book Award. Our Lady's P1 and P6 classes have been chosen to participate.

The P6s are trained to come and work with the P1s, reading a variety of picture books with them and taking time to discuss the books too.

Its aim is to generate a love of reading in our younger children through picture books.  The scheme will run from February to March 2019 and there will be a good deal of flexibility as to how individual teachers handle their involvement. For example, they may decide to condense the activities into a period of one or two weeks, or spread the activities over the two months. Elaine Hallyburton and Moira Foster co-ordinate the class events and the awards and will visit our P6 and P1 class, providing support as required.