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P7 to S1 Transfer

All P7 pupils will be receiving an important letter to inform you of the school that  he/she will transfer, based on the home address we hold for your child.   If you do not receive this then you should contact Our Lady's who can request a copy letter from Dundee House for you. 

If the address we have for you is correct and you wish your child to go to the school that is indicated in the letter then you do not need to do anything else. The arrangements will be made automatically between the primary and the secondary school.

If, however, you wish your child to go to a school other than the one indicated, you must make a placing request as soon as possible and no later than 6th February.   Placing Request forms can be obtained from your child’s primary school or Dundee House, and must be returned to the Main Reception, Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street, Dundee, along with proof of residence, dated within 2 months and copy of your child's full birth certificate.  Forms must be submitted before Monday 6 February 2017. Any form submitted after this date is regarded as late and will only be considered after all the on time applications are dealt with.

The important chronology is as follows:

On the 14 November an advert will be placed in the local press informing families that placing requests can be made from 5 December at Dundee House.

The week beginning 28 November, letters with allocated schools will be sent to all families.

By the 12 December, all return slips should be sent back to Our Lady's, if not returned, someone will be in touch to ensure its in before the Christmas Holidays.

The 6th February is the final date for placing requests to be received by Dundee House.