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Our History

History of Our School

Our Lady's Primary School first opened its doors on Wednesday 14th August, 1974 . The single storey, open plan building in Nelson Street was built to replace the old school buildings that housed St Mary's School, in Forebank Road and St Patrick's School, in Lilybank Road. Both these buildings were nearly 100 years old. As far as is known Our Lady's was the first new school to combine two other schools in Dundee City. It was also the first completely open plan school in Dundee.

The Headteacher was Brother Kentigern, the two Assistant heads were Mrs G Anderson and Miss E Timmons and there were sixteen class teachers. The actual number of pupils is unknown but there are thought to have been around 300 children on the school roll.

Mrs Dashwood is the 10th Headteacher-

  • Brother Kentigern - 1974-1976
  • Mrs G. Anderson - 1976-1985
  • Mrs A. Foley - 1985-1989
  • Mr S. Lavery - 1990-1994
  • Mrs M. McBennett - 1994-2005
  • Mrs E Marra - Acting HT from 2005-2006
  • Mrs D. Conroy - 2006- 2010
  • Mrs M. Madill - 2010-2015
  • Mrs A. Curran - 2015 to 2019
  • Mrs L. Dashwood - 2019 to Present