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General Information

School Roll:                                                     189 (13/01/2020)

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher                                                   Mrs Dashwood (Acting)

Depute Head Teacher                                      Mrs Nicoll

Principal Teacher (Supporting Learners)       Mrs Keegan

Acting Principal Teacher (and Acting PT SL Friday)    Mr Sturrock

Teaching Staff

Mrs G Stewart                                              Class Teacher 

Mrs Soutar                                                   Class Teacher

Miss Brady                                                   Class Teacher

Miss Maclean                                               Class Teacher  

Mr Ferrie                                                      Class Teacher       

Miss Nugent                                                Class Teacher       

Mr Weir                                                        Class Teacher       

Mrs Flood                                                    Class Teacher 

Ms Lyttle                                                      Class Teacher  

Mrs Steele                                                   Class Teacher    

Miss Etchells                                              Class Teacher   

Mrs D Stewart                                             Class Teacher 

Miss Speirs                                                 Supporting Learners         

Mrs Millar                                                    Support for Learning & Class Teacher

Ms Connor                                                   Class Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs Lowden                                            Admin. Officer

Mrs Baskerville                                      Primary and Early Years Support Assistant

Mr Anderson                                          Facilities Assistant

Miss Lamond                                         Primary and Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs Coulson                                          Primary and Early Years Support Assistant

Miss Forbes                                           School and Family Development Worker


Additional Support Needs Assistants (ASNA) - Attached to Enhanced Provision

Miss Paley                                            Senior Learning and Care Practitioner

Mrs Rooney                                          Learning and Care Assistant (LCA)

Mrs Hanlon                                           Learning and Care Assistant (LCA)

Mrs Singh                                             Learning and Care Assistant (LCA)

Mrs Clyne                                             Learning and Care Assistant (LCA)

Mrs English                                          Learning and Care Assistant (LCA)

Miss Davidson                                     Learning and Care Assistant (LCA)