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Grants and Assistance

Grants and assistance information
Children that are currently in P1-P3 receive free schools meals when they are at school. If your child is going into P4 after the summer holidays, we would recommend you follow the below link to find out if you are entitled to free school meals. This is not applied automatically when a child goes into P4. Currently for children in P4-P7, if you have not received free school meals before and your circumstances have changed you may now be entitled to them.

Free school meals link:
Applications are now open for the school clothing grant in August 2020. If you have applied before or get housing benefit or council tax reduction you will be awarded automatically. This payment is £100 per child.
If you are pregnant/have a baby or a child of a certain age, you may be entitled to one of these payments. This is means tested if you receive certain benefits.

The Best Start Grant is a package of three different payments:
•The Pregnancy and Baby Payment - a one off payment of £600 for a first child or £300 for a second or later child. It can be paid during pregnancy or until the baby is 6 months old in most cases. It could help you pay for maternity clothes, a cot or a pram.
•The Early Learning Payment - a one off payment of £250 if your child is between two and three and a half years old. It could help you pay for day trips, books or toys for home learning.
•The School Age Payment – a one off payment of £250 if your child is around school starting age. It could help you pay for a new school bag, school trips or after school activities.
Best Start Grant information: