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School Closure / Remote Learning

School Closure due to Covid-19

As of Friday 20th March 2020, schools have closed nationally. We have provided learners with the information and resources they need to support them with remote / online learning. We have also listed details for each class below:

Primary 1a & Primary 1b

P1 children have been issued with a pack containing a blank jotter, pencil and number workbooks. Some learners have also been given targeted resources to support their particular learning, such as motor skills development. P1 also have their home learning grid.

P1 staff will be using their class Twitter page @OurLadysp1AB to upload further homework tasks to be completed at home.
Primary 2
Miss Nugent has sent home a homework grid, a numeracy booklet, green words and jotters/pencil. Some learners have different also received targeted learning materials.
Ms Nugent has set up a twitter page @P2OurLadys where she will share suggested learning activities. All learners have access to Sumdog and challenges/competitions will be set each week. Ms Nugent has also set up a glow group. To access the glow group, pupils should log into glow and type in their log in for the computer but put dd at the front of their computer login name. They should then go to "mail" and the group is titled "Primary 2 Miss Nugent". 
Primary 3
P3 have been shown how to use Microsoft teams and have their glow logins sent home in their home learning packs. They will log in to glow to find work uploaded from Miss Etchels. They have also been given numeracy websites and links and literacy links.

Sumdog logins are also written in their jotters sent home in their learning packs. They also have a learning grid in their packs that they can complete 'offline' tasks from.
Primary 3/4
Mrs Flood has created a learning pack which includes a Learning Grid, two jotters and a pencil, a list of log-ins for a variety of games such as Sumdog, Prodigy,Minecraft EDu, and their Glow Login. Maths worksheets have also been provided. Mrs Flood has also given a list of "non-screen" activities for P3/4 pupils.
Mrs Flood has created a Glow Group- Grp-Primary3/4 which will contain literacy resources, spelling and comprehension, Maths, R.E.
Health and Wellbeing and family activities. Pupils have been shown how to access this group.

Primary 4/5

Ms Lyttle has set up a Microsoft Teams page for the pupils. They have been shown how to access this in class. Ms Lyttle has also provided home learning packs which include 2 jotters which pupils can use to complete work set. The login and password details for Glow and Sumdog have been included in the front of the jotters. P4/5 pupils have also been given worksheets they can use to consolidate learning they have been working on in class.

Ms Lyttle will be setting tasks for pupils to complete in Microsoft Teams and has also provided a number of useful websites that pupils can access for information and practice. 

Primary 5/6

All of the learning for P5/6 will go online on Microsoft Teams. All learners in P5/6 have confirmed they have access to IT at home to support this.

Miss Maclean will upload daily to teams with tasks for P5/6. All of the log ins for glow are in the jotters that were sent home. Pupils have been reminded that to log into teams they need their full glow log in beginning with dd followed by 

Primary 7

P7 will be using Microsoft Teams for my remote learning. Pupils access this via Glow. They have been shown how to do this in school. 

Mr Ferrie will post 1 plan per day. Each day, there will be a Literacy, Numeracy, HWB and IDL/Project Task. Mr Ferrie will also include tasks to encourage the development of life skills, as well as lots of healthy activities for the body and mind.